The Week in the Life column with Keith Tordoff

Members of the International Police Association (IPA) motorbike club outside the sweet shop.
Members of the International Police Association (IPA) motorbike club outside the sweet shop.

What a scorcher. Hot weather usually results in the shops in Pateley Bridge being quieter, something I know many will be surprised to hear.

The reason is that people tend to stay at home in the garden, go off to the coast or if they do come out to Pateley stay down by the river.

The last few days were different and most shops reported brisk trading even on Saturday when it was, to be frank, unbearably hot! Shouldn’t complain, but we will anyway as we like to moan about the weather whatever it is doing!

I can’t imagine what it must be like to walk around wearing leather trousers, carrying a heavy leather jacket and motorcycle crash helmet on a hot day.

I know it will be cool when riding along but on a hot day, motorcyclists must dread stopping for a break.

A group of motorcyclists on Friday had a break from touring on their powerful bikes stopping in Pateley Bridge.

The group were all members of the International Police Association (IPA) motorbike club from countries including, Sweden, Germany, Australia, Ireland, Switzerland and all parts of the UK.

A total of ninety-six members of the IPA motor cycle group had met up in Huddersfield and over the course of a few days were travelling around the country.

Pateley Bridge has many visitors from other countries and a group walking the Nidderdale Way this week were from France. The walking group led by Frank Kew who lives in Ilkley and runs Ramblers Walking Holidays were looking to complete the fifty-three mile walk over five days.

Frank had called in on Tim Ledbetter who runs Sypeland Outdoors on Pateley Bridge High Street to arrange and collect metal badges which walkers who have completed the walk are given to show they have completed it. The handing out of the badges was a Nidderdale Chamber of Trade initiative which was started when Clare Balding OBE relaunched the start and finish of the Nidderdale Way from the finger post at the bottom of Pateley Bridge High Street.

In the last week Tim has handed out, at his own expense, over 40 metal badges to people who have completed the walk. Tim has also sold woven fabric Nidderdale Way badges which he sells for two pounds which is the cost price to him to buy them in at.

Both a not-for-profit initiative, but priceless for the message of goodwill they spread around the world. Tim tells me most people who have been into his shop for badges have told him they came to walk the Nidderdale Way as they had heard it when it was on the BBC radio four programme ‘Ramblings’ with Clare Balding OBE. Others have told him that they came to walk it after listening to it on the number one website for Nidderdale – – where there is a link to the six part series.

Another visitor this week to Pateley Bridge from abroad was Tim Duffield who lives in Philadelphia but used to live at Strawberry Hill Farm, Greenhow Hill. Tim used to bat for Pateley Bridge Cricket Club leaving these shores in the 1960’s. I am sure his leaving had nothing to do with the weather on Greenhow which I am sure has its own weather system – only joking!

Tim is here for a reunion with family who have come from the US, Spain, Northern Ireland, Edinburgh, London and of course good old Pateley. A reunion dinner was taking place at the Sportsmans Arms, Wath.

Whatever the weather Pateley Bridge is always a hot spot for people from around the globe and we warmly welcome them all!