The Nidderdale Voices column with Alison Reilly

Alison Reilly.
Alison Reilly.

Family life is one of the great strengths of Nidderdale and we are able to celebrate a number of families who have their roots very firmly in our soil. These folk stay in the Dale and bring up their families here.

Alison Reilly is a lucky product of one of these families as she has spent all her life in Pateley Bridge. As daughters of Geoff and Joyce Liggins, Alison and Louise had a head start as few people passing through local education would fail to recognise her father’s name or his reputation at Nidderdale High School.

This is the day I abseiled down Ripon Cathedral and raised �3,000 for Martin House.

This is the day I abseiled down Ripon Cathedral and raised �3,000 for Martin House.

Family means a lot to Alison. She married a boy who was brought up in the same street where they both now live and her sister resides just a few doors away.

After training as a hairdresser, Alison decided that hairdressing was not going to be her long-term career. A period working in a call centre for NatWest Bank followed and then a short spell back in Pateley with a software company situated in the council offices. A chance finding of an advert displayed in the post office for a negotiator for a Pateley Estate Agent produced her present employment. The rest is history.

We now always associate Alison with the Dacre Son and Hartley office at the bottom of the Street.

Describe a typical day

In the early morning I am a mum. There are packed lunches to make and children to be packed off to school. I walk to the office and settle down to work by 9am.

It is such a varied day. There are vendors and purchasers to meet, sales negotiations to review, contracts to be discussed with solicitors and feedbacks to pass on to the relevant vendors.

I work under the area manager who is responsible for the Ripon, Pateley and Thirsk offices. My job is office based and even though I do not show clients around houses I do have to make myself thoroughly familiar with all our properties. I enjoy my job because I work with pleasant, friendly people and I have the privilege of meeting many interesting members of the public.

What would be your perfect day out?

Socialising with friends and family or shopping with the girls followed by lunch. I enjoy planning continental holidays and visits to Center Parcs. A scary day out was when I abseiled down Ripon Cathedral and raised £3,000 for Martin House.

What is your favourite part of the Dale?

Looking down on Pateley from the surrounding hills – either from Silverhill on one side or Two Stoops on the other.

What is your favourite Nidderdale business?

I dare not say because I am so much part of Pateley. We have some fantastic shops.

What is the biggest change that you have seen in the Dale?

The construction of the gym and the swimming pool. With so much water in our countryside it is essential for our children to be able to swim.

What makes Nidderdale special?

The amazing countryside and of course living near my family.

If there is one thing that you could change what would it be?

I love my home and garden but in the unlikely chance of me winning the lottery I might be tempted to lash out and purchase one of the fabulous properties that sometimes appear on our books.