SLIDESHOW: An evening of celebration for anniversary of Harrogate Turkish Baths

Harrogate Turkish Baths celebrated its 120th anniversary with an evening of glamour and pamper.

Guests were treated to cake and drinks as well as given mini treatements such as facials and hand and neck massages from the bath’s therapists.

Celebrating 120 years of Harrogate Turkish Baths

Celebrating 120 years of Harrogate Turkish Baths

Chris Mason, Manager of the Turkish Baths said: “It was really nice, we had local businesses that work with us and current and old staff at the event and it was an opportunity to share memories and the history of the baths.

“All the guests had access to the baths and it was exciting for them to have the experience and see what it has always been like.

“Although treatments are modern the baths are how they have always been.”

The Turkish Baths were officially opened on 23 July 1897 and formed part of the Royal Baths - the most advanced centre for hydrotherapy in the world at the time.

Visitors to the Royal Baths were able to experience a myriad of water-based treatments including a medicinal waters’ dispensary, hydrotherapy departments, mud baths and steam rooms.

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