Police urge Harrogate residents to be more responsible following a number of incidents over the weekend

North Yorkshire Police and its partners that form the Local Resilience Forum are appealing to people to use common sense and take personal responsibility after officers and other emergency services were called to a number of incidents over the weekend.

Monday, 1st June 2020, 5:37 pm
Updated Monday, 1st June 2020, 5:40 pm
Police are warning people to remain alert and remember the rules.

Although police say the majority of residents enjoyed the good weather safely and responsibly, 14 fines were handed out across the county for those not adhering to the rules.

It comes after a number of concerns over social distancing came to light on social media over the weekend, as multiple Harrogate pubs opened their doors to serve takeaway pints.

Onlookers took to Twitter to express their disgust, saying the pavements were crowded and many people were not sticking to the two metre rule as they queued for their drinks.

Harrogate’s Neighbourhood Policing Inspector Penny Taylor said: “It was an extremely busy weekend in Harrogate with many people heading into the town to enjoy the good weather.

“Our officers were out across the town, engaging with the public and explaining that following the regulations helps to prevent the spread of the virus and save lives. This included assisting colleagues in Harrogate Borough Council’s licensing team at two of the town’s pubs which had opened their doors, to provide advice and remind them of the law.

“Personal responsibility is now key to controlling the virus and while the police cannot enforce social distancing guidance, we urge people to remember that although some of the restrictions have been relaxed, the virus has not gone away, you can still catch it and pass it on to your family and friends.

“Thankfully, the vast majority of the public continue to do their bit and follow guidance which means our officers have rarely had to enforce the Government regulations.

Richard Flinton, Chair of North Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum, added: “I appeal to everyone to take personal responsibility to help us limit the spread of Covid-19 in North Yorkshire by adhering to the very simple actions that we know make a huge difference.

“Stay at least two metres apart from people you don’t live with at all times, wash your hand regularly with soap and warm water and avoid crowds.

”I cannot stress enough that we are at a very delicate point in managing the impact of this pandemic and if the rate of infection starts to go up again and the health service is put under pressure – more people we love could die and we could all end up in lockdown again.

“Don’t risk it. It’s just not worth it. Please, do the right thing, and plan ahead to limit the spread.”