Letter: Working families becoming poorer

Jenny Dent from Harrogate says working families are becoming poorer every year.

Friday, 31st July 2020, 8:00 am
Letter: Working families becoming poorer

With regard to your article on school uniform grants, in England you cannot get school uniform grants. You can in Scotland.

In addition to this anomaly you can get free prescriptions in Scotland. You can’t in England. Need l go on about university fees and social care?

To add insult to injury it’s come to light that the current Conservative government has reduced the income threshold for entitlement to assistance with prescriptions, dental care, eye care and two year old nursery funding.

This means that if you earned less for the last tax year than the one before you could still lose these additional benefits.

It isn’t that long ago that the government cut up to 1 million childen from income related school meals.

The government has been raising minimum wage with one hand and, where families are concerned, taking more back.

Working families are becoming poorer every year.

In many cases going back to work after maternity leave isn’t easy because of the cost of child care. All these announcements re free child care are only for term time. There are also add on fees for meals etc and hours to be paid for.

There is going to be a steadily rising tide in demand for foodbanks. After all we are only classed as the fourth richest country in the world.