Letter: Transport - We need to offer safe cycle routes

Traffic in HarrogateTraffic in Harrogate
Traffic in Harrogate | jpress
B Adams seems to think that it’s a choice between park and ride and cycle lanes and presumably not being a cyclist opts for park and ride (Advertiser, March 12).

However, in order to alleviate congestion in Harrogate and reduce our carbon emissions down to zero by 2038 we’re going to need a mixture of solutions.

It makes no sense to promote large cycling events in Harrogate and at the same time make no effort to provide safer cycling solutions for Harrogate residents.

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After Seville put in an extra 50 miles of cycle lanes, cycling increased so much that they went from having 10 bike shops to 50 bike shops.

I cycle on roads and people, particularly women, say to me that they would love to do that but they feel it’s too dangerous. This is just the start; we need much better cycling provision, not just one cycle lane up the Otley Road.

It’s obvious from the spike in traffic congestion at school drop off and pick up time that we need to provide safe cycle routes for kids.

It’s happening all over Europe and just because we’re having Brexit it doesn’t mean we have to bury our heads even further in the sand and not develop many different policies to reduce car use.

Barbara E Penny


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