Letter: Safer ways to get to town centre

Reader letter from Ian Hallett of Harrogate.

Saturday, 20th February 2021, 12:00 pm
Letter: Safer ways to get to town centre

I have been dismayed by the lack of support that various groups in Harrogate such as Independent Harrogate, Harrogate BID and the Harrogate Chamber of Commerce have given to recent proposals to create safe cycle routes from Otley Road, down through Beech Grove and other parts of town.

Harrogate has seen a significant amount of new house building over the last few years which is exacerbating the congestion we have on our roads. No amount of free parking will reduce this congestion.

The proposals to build cycle paths, which do not take up significant road space, will offer a safe and alternative way for people to get to the town centre. Surely this should be welcomed by groups wanting to increase footfall in our shops?

Government and local authority targets to reach net zero provide us with a great opportunity to think about how we organise our lives and the environment we want for the future. Cycling and walking is not only a good way to get around, it can help reduce pollution, reduce noise, it takes up less of our shared space and can make us healthier.