Letter: Let's share our love and keep strong

David Pearson from Harrogate says that we all have to share our love during this tricky time.

Sunday, 26th April 2020, 12:00 pm
Picture: Gerard Binks

In the media there is an obsession with statistics.

No numbers can define the tragedy unfolding. Picking over minutiae serves no purpose. The scale of the task vastly surpasses anything since World War Two. We are embroiled in a global human tragedy no country was prepared for. You could say the world was complacent. We have no more right to procurement of essential supplies than any country.

Our political leaders have mountains to climb to guide us through this and to rebuild the world community. I am sure we will all want to play our part.

There is so much sorrow and sadness for those who have lost their lives.

Our hearts go out to their families. I hope they can find peace with the beautiful memories they have of their loved ones. Sadly, as with all pandemics, there will be many, many poignant stories of victims.

Let us share our love with each other and keep strong.