Letter: In defence of Marks & Spencer over Leeds Road

Marks and Spencers on Leeds Road. (1505273AM)Marks and Spencers on Leeds Road. (1505273AM)
Marks and Spencers on Leeds Road. (1505273AM)
I am saddened to read more letters in the Advertiser blaming M&S for the traffic problems on Leeds Road.

Are we supposed to believe that the retailler is responsible for designing the new road layout?

Had another company taken over this retail space would they also come in for the same criticism?

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It seems to me that M&S are often a target in all the media and yet the majority of us still love to shop at M&S especially for the food on offer in store.

Surely we in Yorkshire should be proud of this company which started in Leeds market 130 years ago.

Grant Pryse

Kingsway Drive, Harrogate