Letter: Help us create woodland project

Geoff Foxall from Starbeck urges readers to assist in the Woodland Project.

Saturday, 25th April 2020, 12:00 pm
Harrogate's first community woodland? The proposed site, to be known as Long Lands Common, will border the Nidderdale Greenway, close to its starting point at The Avenue, Starbeck and the Bilton Triangle.

In a world where the Archbishop of Canterbury has said “People right across the globe feel the same uncertainty, fear, despair and isolation”, we do have something to hope for and look forward to.

Earlier this month, the Advertiser featured the launch of the town’s first community-owned woodland, Long Lands Common, a 30-acre site off Bogs Lane in Starbeck.

The aim is to transform two large fields into woodland, with wild flower areas and thousands of trees providing a rich habitat for a wide variety of wildlife.

Our community will help to create the woodland and enjoy watching it develop over the generations.

But first we have to buy the land. It is hoped that the £300,000 needed can be raised by offering shares for the community to purchase.

I urge your readers to visit the website www.longlandscommon.org to find out more about this venture and help to bring about its creation.