Letter: Harrogate town centre eyesores must be solved or removed

I have just spent a considerable amount of time sitting in my car, not moving. Roadworks!

Monday, 30th March 2015, 8:21 am
Readers' Views

I am happy that progress is being made with repairing and maintaining the highways, but does it have to be all at the same time?

The cynic in me says that just because the council financial year end is looming, maybe the allocated money which is not spent, will be lost?

Anyway, the crocuses are out again and most of Harrogate looks brilliant. I say most, for as I was sat in the aforementioned traffic jams, I quietly despaired at the state of what I believe is called the Kings Club building. This area is above and around Central Taxis and the Kings Club and looks awful. This is on the corner of Kings Road and Cheltenham Crescent and It looks like it has been abandoned for decades.

What a pity as it’s opposite the exhibition halls, what must our visitors think? Whilst on the subject of highway detritus, I have contacted the council twice over a period of two and a half years asking that they either repair or remove those circular advertising hoardings. There is one on the corner of Raglan Street and Station Parade, the other is on the Pier Head opposite the cenotaph. The council says it’s the Conference Centre’s problem, who say it’s the council’s problem. Anyway, nothing has been done.

Maybe nothing will be done and we could change the town motto to Arx Celibris Senio, a citadel famous for its decay?

Glenda Bunco

Almsford Drive,