Letter: Harrogate Christmas Market in wrong place

Very disappointed the council did not heed our concerns re the Christmas Market from previous years.

Thursday, 4th December 2014, 5:15 pm
NADV 1411281AM16 Christmas Market. (1411281AM16)

I agree with many other people that it is in the wrong place apart from having a biased interest as we are overlooking the festivities.

It does look pretty from above and I appreciate that the noise levels are very low. The pedestrian route to Montpellier Hill is very difficult for elderly frail people and push chairs due to the mass of people round the stalls.

It is now at an end and we can return to normal but our view is not a pretty one. I wonder if the council have made provision for the turf to be reinstated. I think not! We now have to put up with the mud until next summer. Can somebody else have a turn please ie West Park Stray!

Mrs K Stephenson

St Mary’s Walk,