Letter: Firm aims to refresh reputation of town

Having originally moved to Harrogate some 32 years ago my husband and I soon became very great fans of the culture and history of the town.

Friday, 20th March 2020, 10:30 am
Harrogate Water plans to expand. Picture Bruce Rollinson

We found every shop, business, street and walk we came across had a fantastic story behind its origin and how it developed.

We were thrilled that every day was a creative and positive day for us.

We joined in with many of the battles to prevent change and were prominent in the challenges to planning applications and the like.

However, time passes and the course of evolution in the town has dramatically changed, seeing today a dying community.

Business collapsing, people moving away, a dramatic absence of political support to support business survival let alone growth, and very little inspiration for the community to engage with in creating a sustainable future for Harrogate.

You can imagine therefore how thrilled I was to recently learn about the forthcoming development plans of Harrogate Water.

They not only intend to grow and refresh the reputation of Harrogate as a town to do big business, but their plans are to do this in such a way they protect the environment, create sustainable jobs and develop further gardens and space for the community.

This welcome, friendly, commercial community spirit is just what we need in Harrogate to bring the town, our history, culture and community back to life again.

At last a business that is prepared to stand up for Harrogate and who cares about us as a community. Thank you, Harrogate Water,

D Lee