Letter: ‘Change of government’ needed to save North Yorkshire libraries

Harrogate Library.   (131223M1n)Harrogate Library.   (131223M1n)
Harrogate Library. (131223M1n)
I have just taken part in a consultation exercise on the future of North Yorkshire’s libraries. At the beginning of this Government the council had a budget of £7.8m.

By 2020 they will be cut to £4.2m. This means closing some more libraries, making many employees redundant, opening fewer hours and operating with many volunteers.

The library was a vital part of my education and growing up.

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It’s important for today’s younger generation, especially those whose families don’t have enough money for food and heating, let alone books. Libraries are still important to me now.

David Cameron says they have a moral responsibility to reduce taxes.

For whom I ask myself. Not for the rich surely.

Believe me it’s up to the people to ensure a change of Government at the next election because otherwise we could well have very few public services at the end of another five years.

Barbara Penny

Valley Drive,


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