Letter: Affordable housing better use of land than Tesco supermarket

Times have changed in the world of the large supermarkets since the Tesco application was first approved in Harrogate.

Sunday, 16th November 2014, 10:18 am

With a £263m accounting hole, eight senior members of staff suspended, a Serious Fraud Office investigation pending and Moody’s Ratings agency downgrading of Tesco, maybe, just maybe that piece of land behind the big wall could be sold back by them for housing.

Not housing for huge profits, but affordable homes for rent for young people, who at present have to leave their home town and live elsewhere.

I understand there are over 3,000 on the waiting list for social housing; this is the type of housing most needed in our area.

A lot of people do not earn enough ever to be able to take on a mortgage or to pay the very high rents now being charged for private property. I would suggest that the old gasworks site would be ideal for social housing rather than yet another supermarket.

Margaret Heaton

Beech Grove Court,