Editor’s Comment: The Stray is here for us all to enjoy

If ever a town and district got itself in a knot over cycling and the rules about where the bikes can and cannot go, then it’s this one.

Sunday, 19th July 2015, 11:44 am

The Harrogate district is still basking in the glory of staging one of the most successful Grand Departs of the Tour de France ever.

Just a year ago, as we got out the bunting and prepared for our glorious Tour de France weekend, the idea of a public path being daubed with a ‘No Cycling’ sign would have been ludicrous.

A year on, and the councillors have got nervous, because too many pedestrians are complaining about ‘unruly’ cyclists speeding past them.

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So, in that way all councillors have, of trying to be all things to all people, they have designated some paths on the Stray as Cycling paths, and some as No Cycling paths.

Should you be just a little confused as you set out for a pleasant walk, or a cycle ride, there’s a map apparently.

Red dots for walking, blue signs for shared use.

The Stray, and the whole of the Harrogate district is here for us all to enjoy.

For goodness sake - surely we don’t need the councillors to start meddling because we can’t actually show a little common courtesy and tolerance towards each other.