Letter: Weeton station - Traffic makes our lives a misery

When parking charges were introduced at Pannal for commuters leaving cars and travelling on the trains, as Weeton was the next station on it was thought that maybe there would be more cars come and park here, the situation though is now getting completely out of hand.

Monday, 25th July 2016, 6:00 am

Whether this is an overflow from Pannal or just people using the station in general everyday, but the residents in the area do not know what to do.

Travellers come and park their cars wherever they can find a space and do not care where that space is or whether it stops residents getting out of their properties.

They park on footpaths, not just near the dangerous bridge, but anywhere and disabled people cannot get on and off footpaths easily without putting themselves at risk, and residents have to walk on the road to get where they want to be.

Travellers park on junctions and any cars coming out of streets can’t see what is coming, there have been a few near incidents already but as yet no one has been hurt.

The commuters have taken over Kingsway and Weeton Lane, not just during the day but for days at a time sometimes as it is not uncommon for cars to be left for a week at a time.

Any workmen or family members who try to visit any of the residents in this area during the day just can’t get anywhere to park.

But what is the most dreadful of all this is that as residents we have tried to get respect and someone has put polite notices around about the parking for them to read, but some of the travellers are so rude if you need to ask them to move.

Maybe if they read this it might help, if not we will have to keep on trying to find a resolution. We are now suffering like the Pannal residents did when you covered the same predicament there in the Advertiser and the story you did on that I am sure helped.

Ruth Dalby