Letter: We need stronger police presence

Police appeal.
Police appeal.

On my last two trips in to Harrogate I have witnessed anti-social activities.

A few weeks ago in the middle of the afternoon myself and friend watched as a youth sat on his bicycle outside St Peter’s Church appeared to be selling small packets of what looked to all purposes like drugs, whilst nervously looking around for law enforcement. Deals done he quickly rode away.

Last week on a Tuesday evening just after 10pm I witnessed a group of noisy young men by the cenotaph as one of them walked casually onto to grass and urinated on the grass.

Increasingly friends tell anecdotal tales of harassment, being followed and frightened to the point of thinking twice about going to Harrogate town centre. Harrogate needs a stronger more visible town centre presence. Is the new police station simply too far away to allow fast response and high quality policing?

Stuart Rhodes

The Avenue, Starbeck