Letter: Voting - Appalling so many didn't vote

We are starting to digest the political fall out from the EU referendum. To put it mildly the behaviour of elected politicians from the main parties has been appalling.

Monday, 11th July 2016, 6:00 am
Ballot Box

Back stabbing and treachery are not the traits which we admire in people and yet some of these elected clowns seem determined to flaunt the very worst side of the human condition as a means to an end.

As an exercise in democracy I am appalled that more than 25,000 people in Harrogate District who were eli-gible to vote in the referendum did not bother.

This was one of the most important events in recent memory and people were given ample opportunity to use a postal vote as a proxy for not visiting a polling station.

Previous generations went through hell and high water to win the right for universal suffrage and how have they been repaid?

To be precise a 28 per cent no show on an issue of vital national importance is pathetic.

Is it not time to take a closer look at the duties of UK citizenship and not just the rights?

Other countries such as Australia impose sanctions on those who just cannot be bothered to vote.

A vibrant democracy needs participants who have to accept responsibility for their own actions.

John White

Rossett Green Lane,