Letter: Valley Gardens - What a fantastic event

Street Foof Festival. (1608273AM9)
Street Foof Festival. (1608273AM9)

In my 56 years this is the first time I have ever written to the paper about news issues.

I would just like say what a fantastic weekend of entertainment we all experienced at the Streat Food Festival in the Valley Gardens.

It was fantastic to see the Harrogate community enjoying the gardens for everything it has to offer.

It is a beautiful communal space that lends itself perfectly to a festival of this nature.

We haven’t had the best summer and we are currently going through some very politically charged changes and the people of Harrogate deserved this weekend’s entertainment.

I saw grandparents and grandchildren dancing in the sunshine to some quality music and entertained by some amazing and talented local performers

I am sure the Moaning Minnies of Harrogate will have something to say about the odd few flower heads that were picked and the flattening of the grass in a few areas, but before they have their say, remember that we all pay for the Valley Gardens and we all love it as much as you.

It’s yours for another 51 weeks to see the beauty of everything the Gardens have to offer, but let the families of Harrogate have fun in it for at least one weekend a year.

Well done Harrogate Council and well done the organisers for creating this well organised magic. Here’s hoping it will happen again next year.

Terry Sowerby