Letter: Valley Gardens - Peace and beauty assailed by events

Valley Gardens, Harrogate
Valley Gardens, Harrogate

We have lived close to the Valley Gardens for getting on for 20 years now and for myself, my wife and the children they have been, and indeed in many ways remain, a delightful place to be.

But in more recent years their peace and beauty have been increasingly assailed by ‘big events’ which Coun Cooper apparently feels Harrogate is a ‘brilliant place for’.

The latest was a four-day StrEat (sic) Food Festival over the Bank Holiday weekend. I observed the damage this has done to the grass walking there.

The event itself filled up a huge area of the Gardens, effectively closing them to anyone wanting a quiet walk.

The surrounding roads, as ever for these events, were choked with cars, even on this occasion parked all the way along Harlow Moor Road.

The other Sunday, similarly, this stroller was greeted with a race track for go-karts around a section of the Gardens.

Clearly the Gardens are a place for such as the bands which play on a Sunday, as parks have always been.

But am I alone in thinking that these big events and the thousands of people which they attract, are putting too much pressure on a lovely amenity?

We seem to be forgetting what makes the Gardens special.

Paul Jennings