Letter: Transport - Buses are great - but we need more

Ken Gambles (point of view, Harrogate Advertiser) is right. Calcutt also Forest Moor Road and Hookstone Chase are poorly served with public transport, and it's getting worse.

A few years ago there was a bus every hour, except for a gap in the afternoon. At least it was possible to travel by bus, and most importantly, to be able to get back. Unfortunately, no-one seems to have the common sense to realise that the more a service is reduced, making it ever more difficult to get to where one needs to be, and back, the more residents have to revert to using cars, causing yet more pollution and congestion in town.

The no.1 routes along Knaresborough Road are well used because the buses are so frequent.

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However we can now go to York on the Little Explorer bus. Catching the earliest possible bus, it takes well over two hours along a pretty route, then we have just two hours in York before getting the last possible bus back.

We do go to bed early in Calcutt as there is no chance of getting a bus going anywhere after approx 5.30pm.

The new buses are bright and cheerful and very comfortable. If only there were a few more of them.

Mrs P Harcourt

Belmont Avenue, Calcutt

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