Letter: Traffic - Enough is enough on our roads

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Please - enough is enough for the residents of Bogs Lane, Kingsley Drive and Kingsley Road.

Over the last years we have had three significant developments on Bogs Lane ie Hillbank View, Allotment Gardens and Quercus Green. This is is a well known and very active Rat Run.

The extra vehicles from these developments add to an ever increasing flow to avoid the rail crossing and bumper to bumper traffic and made these roads dangerous. These roads cannot cope with the extra cars.

Now we have the development at Chippendales farm (61 properties), the Barrett application (91 properties - may be going to appeal) and now an application from Persimmon for 30 more. Nearly 200 in total!

This latest application includes a three storey block of flats which is certainly not in keeping with the area (this was confirmed at the consultation meeting).

We all realise the need for more housing but do we really need all these three, four and five bedroom detached houses? Nobody seems to be listening.

This area cannot sustain all these extra houses and the extra cars. Bogs Lane is a narrow lane.

Kingsley Drive and Kingsley Road are not main roads and there is no easy access to Knaresborough Road from here.

This area has had more than its fair share of development.

Geraldine and Brian Martin

Kingsley Drive,