Letter: Traffic

Station Parade jam.(1505141AM1)
Station Parade jam.(1505141AM1)

It is ironic that you are running a series of features about traffic congestion in Harrogate at a time when Harrogate Council is conducting a public. consultation on proposals to allocate large areas of open countryside around Harrogate for new housing and industry.

These developments would increase congestion on a scale that would overwhelm any reductions that might have followed your present exercise.

Planners say they need to create jobs so that people who live here need not leave Harrogate to go to work , and provide homes for those who come into Harrogate to work. They call this sustainable development. Have they thought this through?

Previous policies have provided homes for people who work outside Harrogate and jobs for people from outside.

Won’t this happen again if these proposals are implemented?

Several substantial groups have joined together to protect their own particular area against unsuitable developments. They have limited hope of success unless major reductions are made in overall numbers.

Harrogate Council has little room to manoeuvre as it is bound by central Government guidance.

Our only hope of overcoming this threat is that sufficient numbers of people will object in good time.

This needs to be done both during this present consultation and, afterwards, at any public inquiry.

M P Laycock