Letter: There are other solutions to congestion problem

Traffic congestion in Harrogate
Traffic congestion in Harrogate

There are plenty of other solutions to building a bypass to relieve the severe congestion around Harrogate by just looking at the way we conduct our daily commute.

I remember sixth formers, college and university students walking, cycling, using buses and trains to access their daily educational institutions but let’s look at what we see now.

Students driving round in better cars than teachers, streets around the school vicinity full of congested parking sometimes blocking residents in and the overall population of vehicles clogging our roads.

With the age of internet shopping many families would benefit from deliveries whereby supermarkets bring multiple orders to families at the same time allocated with one truck load.

This could be assigned by booking times with the supermarket to certain areas so that it all links in to one delivery time.

As far as commuting to work is concerned very little seems to be happening with regards to car sharing so perhaps the council could place more emphasis on promoting this scheme in the future.

In general we really should show more consideration as to the way we travel. Do we really need two cars when we retire or work locally and shouldn’t our children be walking to school within a reasonable distance?

Consider the health benefits from changing our lifestyles and look at the financial benefits, lower petrol costs and very importantly the impact on the roads and environment.

Mrs Scott