Letter: The Stray - We are the real ‘heavyweights’

The Stray. Montpellier.(NADV 1701093AM2)
The Stray. Montpellier.(NADV 1701093AM2)

“Heavyweights back council’s Stray plan” (Advertiser, January 26) - are not the real “heavyweights” the residents, council-tax payers and above all, voters of Harrogate?

East Yorkshire has its own Stray - Beverley Westwood.

It is guarded and administered by elected “Pasture Masters”.

As with Harrogate’s Stray, the Westwood suffers damage by illegal parking.

The “Pasture Masters” have a different approach from Harrogate’s laissez-faire attitude and have introduced £500 fines.

Is it unreasonable to suggest that perhaps Beverley values the eternal values of the Westwood more than Harrogate does those of the Stray?

Some years ago, the Advertiser mentioned that, in the 1930s, the town council was brought to its knees by nothing more contentious than planting flower beds on West Park Stray. Something to consider perhaps?

Malcolm Wright