Letter: The Stray - No ‘carte blanche’ for the council

The Stray
The Stray

Like Peter Whiteley (Advertiser, May 11) I was impressed by the way HBC managed the Tours de Yorkshire and France.

Regrettably, the same standards have not applied to the council’s historic day-to-day management of damage to the Stray, when it comes to effective action against illegal parking.

A glaring, but not unique, example of this is down Oatlands Drive and it’s been like it for years.

Had the council been more pro-active with this, the outcome of the ‘Stray Debate’ might well have been different.

Recently, there has been talk of action. We must wait to see if it progresses beyond words.

Dare we hope that it will more effective than mere signs, which may or may not be heeded and are unenforceable on cost grounds?

Until such time, giving the council carte blanche is unthinkable.

Malcolm Wright