Letter: The Stray - Cars, not bikes, are the threat

The Stray
The Stray

I refer to The Stray Defence Association’s letter in last week’s Advertiser. The belief that we can protect the Stray by not having cycle lanes is based on a false vision of the Stray as acres of land uninterrupted by traffic.

Most of the time the dominant view on the Stray is the motor vehicle. The Stray is intruded upon by the sight of traffic, traffic noise, traffic pollution, and cars parked and disfiguring narrow roads crossing the Stray.

There is nothing romantic about the “protected” Stray when it is surrounded and crossed by static and slow moving traffic and polluted air.

The only answer is to get people out of their cars, discourage them from making short journeys by car, and encourage them to use segregated walking and cycling paths. This will mean changing some areas of the Stray from roads to paths.

The lack of vision which results in building more roads to encourage car use will continue to attack the Stray and its surrounds.

It’s not the bicycle which is a threat to the Stray, it’s the car.

Yvonne Skelton

St Clements Road,