Letter: Sunday Parking - Just who are they representing?

So Don Mackenzie has opted for money-grabbing rather than the views of his constituents.

Saturday, 9th July 2016, 6:00 am

Sunday parking charges have been rejected by: Harrogate councillors (14 votes to one); Harrogate businesses; the Chamber of Commerce; and Harrogate residents (although we are apparently “ignorant and ill-informed” so our views don’t count).

The committee apparently hasn’t even considered the logical solution to this alleged “problem” – Sunday disc parking.

And if that is not thought practical (although they could at least pretend to discuss it) why not make the council car parks free on Sundays? That would mean a small reduction in income for NYCC (but “this is not about money” we are told and, anyway, Sunday car parks are currently apparently under-utilised!) but, once the word spreads, would mean an increase in revenue for Harrogate businesses. Whom exactly do these councillors think they are representing – and when are the next county council elections?

Dr Roger Litton

Florence Road, Harrogate