Letter: The stray - The use will be too intensive

Answering questions from Mick Walsh, (Advertiser, January 26), the council seem to have changed the terms of the consultation before it's even finished with the quote from Coun Harrison: 'Mr Walsh accepts the need to exclude the set up and breakdown time from the 35 day calculation'.

Thursday, 2nd February 2017, 2:00 pm
The Stray. Park Place.(NADV 1701093AM5)

This seems to have gone from an idea to an aspiration to a firm policy in the space of a few weeks. Obviously, this isn’t mentioned as a possibility anywhere in the survey.

Excluding set up days from the 35 day total will mean about 52 days in all, if the current ratio of roughly two event days to one set up day is maintained.

About 80 per cent of the current events take place between late May and early September.

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Presumably any additional events would also be during this period.

Bearing in mind parts of West Park Stray were closed for 11 days for the Tour de France, adding two large events during the summer plus all the regular events and any additional small ones, may be too intensive.

It would give the impression that there is a different event on every couple of weeks and significantly reduce the amount of time the Stray is actually open.

A large event every two or three years is excellent, but I wouldn’t want one every year.

Sue Robinson

East Parade,