Letter: Stray - Is this the end of the matter?

The Stray. West Park (NADV 1701093AM4)The Stray. West Park (NADV 1701093AM4)
The Stray. West Park (NADV 1701093AM4)
Your front page 'Stray battle won' (Advertiser, February 16) was most welcome; but is this really the end of the matter?

Coun Harrison’s reference to “using the Stray for the larger or community events” - albeit, within the present legislation - will find us watching like hawks.

We are not stick-in-the-muds opposed to all change; but neither do we wish to be stuck in the mud of over-commercalisation and a parking quagmire.

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Many thanks to Malcolm Neesam for his history of failed attempts to ravage the Stray from the 1930s to the 1970s. This is a salutary warning, both to councillors and voters.

It also goes some way to answering the question of “how did they get away with it?” whenever we walk past the concrete horrors of Parliament Street, Beech Grove etc; and let us not forget that routing main road traffic down Montpellier Hill is still simmering in Northallerton.

Malcolm Wright


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