Letter: Stray Act - There are no reasons to change

The Stray
The Stray

The council spokesman who said “There is so much more we could do if the Act was amended” has probably given the perfect reason why the Act should not be changed.

The Stray only exists because successive councils haven’t been able to do whatever they want with it.

They are just looking after the Stray on behalf of the public.

I’ve yet to see any evidence that “there is no prospect of repeated requests to suspend parts of the Stray Act being granted by Parliament”.

Changing the Act may make life easier for the council, but that’s no reason to do it.

As for the comment, “there will be no car parks or tarmac”, many readers have already noted the mud verge car park on Oatlands Drive, and a long time ago the small area of Stray in front of the Swan hotel was tarmaced and is now a car park.

Nicola Richards

Wheatlands Road,