Letter: Stray Act - Just what is the overall plan?

The Stray. Park Place.(NADV 1701093AM5)
The Stray. Park Place.(NADV 1701093AM5)

Great news that the council has listened and that they will not proceed with a new Stray Act.

Now that it appears that the council has failed for the second time to sell the Crescent Gardens Council Offices, can they please re-consider the use of this building.

Will they support their own plans to become a world class tourism destination by providing something for the tourists to visit?

The building, which is in the heart of the historic spa centre of the town, could be converted into an art gallery, a history of the spa exhibition, house the wonderful donated egyptology collection, the G&S collection, a performance and concert space space, art workshops etc. I am sure your readers will also think of other ideas.

We could also display the civic silver collection, instead of distributing it all over town, selling it off or giving it back to the donors, which is their plan. Is there no civic pride left in this council?

We could also keep the Mayor’s Parlour where so many dignitaries, guests, overseas visitors, school groups etc have been welcomed by the resident Mayor.

In future the Mayor will have nowhere to welcome guests as there is no Mayor’s Parlour in the new offices.

At the last full council meeting I understand that it was agreed to sell the road in front of the council offices, I assume to the buyer of the building.

This will not only lose a road, but also reduce evening parking even more for those attending events at the Royal Hall, local restaurants and other functions.

Does this council really have an overall plan for the future of Harrogate?

Michael Hine

Fairways Avenue, Harrogate