Letter: Station Parade - Why not admit it was wrong?

First and foremost, it is most welcome that the county council has finally heeded public concern and put in place improvements to the Station Parade pedestrian crossing.

Thursday, 17th November 2016, 10:30 am
Station Parade (1505141AM1)

However, it is somewhat disturbing that Councillor Don Mackenzie insists that the changes were not made for safety reasons.

How on earth do you disassociate safety from reducing pedestrian confusion? People who are confused are more likely to make a wrong decision and cross when they should not.

Our Executive Member for Highways has not exactly covered himself in glory of late and it was clearly time to hold up his hand and say, yes, we got it wrong and apologise.

Admitting a mistake and rectifying it brings respect as opposed to being in denial. ‘Mea culpa’ Councillor!

David Roberts

Regent Avenue,