Letter: Speed Cameras - The real purpose of the cameras

We were told by the Police and Crime Commissioner, when she instigated North Yorkshire Police purchasing mobile speed camera vans, that they were to be used to deter drivers from speeding, to prevent accidents.

Sunday, 13th November 2016, 10:30 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 2:56 pm
Speed Camera signs

After observing speed camera vans operating on the A658, which were sited where they cannot be seen by approaching vehicles, I requested the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner to erect speed camera signs on the A658 in the area where the speed camera vans operate without a favourable response, so I contacted North Yorkshire Highways, who told me that they could only erect speed camera signs if the police requested them.

I contacted North Yorkshire Police headquarters to request them to ask North Yorkshire County Council to erect speed camera signs on the A658 and drew to their attention that West Yorkshire Police have speed camera signs everywhere their mobile speed camera vans operate.

The response of North Yorkshire Police was, that they do not want to have speed camera signs on the A658 because they prevent them catching drivers for speeding.

If North Yorkshire Police are only using their speed camera vans to catch motorists for speeding and not for accident prevention, they should get rid of them and use their resources to fight crime instead.

Harvey Alexander

St John’s Drive, North Rigton