Letter: The Saints - Double yellows called for

I was glad to read in today's Harrogate Advertiser that improvements are to be made to the approach to Woodlands Corner after concerns raised by the residents of Masham Close.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 30th January 2017, 10:30 am

Here in the “Saints” area we have similar concerns due to the use of our residential streets for parking by people working at or visiting Harrogate Hospital. Like the Masham Close residents we have raised similar concerns over time with our elected representatives but nothing has happened.

I am in sympathy with those who park so I would not ban totally the parking in these areas.

I am particularly concerned with the parking that occurs on St Hilda’s Road at the junction with Wayside Crescent. Monday to Friday you can find cars parked on both sides of St Hilda’s Road at its eastern end right up to the junction. The effect is to turn that end of St Hilda’s Road into a single carriageway.

On occasion I have actually seen cars parked on Wayside Crescent right up to the junction with St Hilda’s Road. Cars that want to exit Wayside Crescent have to pull out into the middle of the road to turn either right or left, thus creating a problem as more often than not they cannot see any oncoming traffic.

Would not the simple expedient of adding double yellow lines around and opposite this junction help?

For the rest of the “Saints”, especially on both legs of St Winifred’s Road, these roads turn into single carriageways, which requires a lot of patience. Could we not have “passing places” made, again by using double yellow lines.

Any observer walking around this area will see immediately these problems, which cause great annoyance to the residents.

I hope that County Councillor Mackenzie could take note of these concerns as he has of the Masham Close residents.

JM Greatorex