Letter: Royal Hall show - Surely there are some standards?

I would like to tell you about a show I saw last weekend and would be interested to see if anyone else feels as I did.

Monday, 19th December 2016, 10:30 am
The Royal Hall.

I was present at the Royal Hall on the evening of Friday, December 9 where “Kevin bloody Wilson” was appearing. He is supposed to be a comedian and the show was a sell out.

I was warned that there might be a bit of foul language which seems to be normal in today’s comedians, but nothing could have prepared me for the show that followed. The language that followed this show and also the content of this show was obscene where every few seconds the f and c words were used on a regular basis and the contents of this show were vile, obscene and coarse.

I had to leave the theatre as I felt quite sick at this show and also I witnessed a lot of other people leaving the theatre as it was so disgusting to watch.

I also saw that the staff were looking quite upset at the content of this show and saw several of them leave the auditorium to sit away from it but they were obliged to see it through as it was part of their job but they looked very uncomfortable about having to sit through this.

Surely we have to have some standards by which we all live and this show was not a suitable type of show for a beautiful place like the Royal Hall.

Mrs P Delaney