Letter: Roadworks - A wake-up call for the council

After the short-notice arrival of signs on the Burnbridge Road pre-Christmas, announcing the three-month closure of the stretch between the Leeds Road and the Black Swan pub, I now find that the Otley Road between the Pine Marten pub and Beckwithshaw is set to close ( listed from Monday, January 8).

Saturday, 13th January 2018, 10:30 am

Given that both routes service the Cardale Park area of Harrogate, the resulting traffic chaos around Pannal and on the Leeds Road into Harrogate from Pannal will not only serve as a depressing reminder of the poor infrastructure that services Harrogate and the surrounding area; it is also a sign of things to come if the current ludicrous housing plans are passed.

Imagine the nightmare whilst vast numbers of new houses are being built.

Envisage the increased commuter traffic emanating from 16,000 new homes!

Visualise the school-run carnage of the future!

Apart from the poor planning that has led to the current traffic chaos, this should be a wake-up call for Harrogate Council to take decisive action and carefully reconsider their future housing plans: the current course of action will change irrevocably the distinctive character of this great area for the worse.

David Evans