Letter: Relief Road - Park and Ride long overdue

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Thanks to NYCC’s Coun Don Mackenzie for his detailed description of the forthcoming battle for a drastically-needed Harrogate relief road (Advertiser September 29).

Bearing in mind the inevitable objections, appeals and legendary, historic Westminster funding duplicity in their ‘Here Be Dragons’ land; am I being unduly pessimistic in assuming that it will be at least ten years before a spade enters the ground?

As an urgent means of easing the ever-growing chaos, isn’t a park-and-ride scheme long overdue and something which could be set up in a relatively short time?

Could we not also reinforce this by making free all-day parking - in Coach Road for example - available only to shared cars, rather than predominantly driver-only ones, as now?

Malcolm Wright

Grove Road, Harrogate