Letter: Referendum - Brexit and Armageddon

The EU Flag
The EU Flag

Your letters page last week (Advertiser June 30) was full of the most ridiculous doom-laden prophecies we’d been hearing for weeks from the Remain camp.

However, it is already clear that the doom-mongers gave vent a little too early when talking about the supposed calamitous effect of the Brexit result on the Stock Market which has not only recovered from its initial (and well anticipated) fall but at the time of writing this letter is now no less than 250 points ahead of where it stood on referendum day.

Uncertainty breeds uncertainty and all that happened to shares was typical of what occurs on a regular basis, albeit more dramatically than normal. “Markets move up, markets move down”. These are not my words - they are the words of Lord King, respected former governor of the Bank of England, who went on to say that the events immediately after the referendum result was known would be regarded as a mere blip in 25 years time.

The contributors to your Letters page talk of the Brexit decision defying all logic, causing the loss of young talent, making all of us poorer, leaving us friendless in Europe and ending trade with European countries (who actually need us more than we need them), causing the break-up of the UK, etc, etc.

It’s very early days but we are already seeing signs that fears of these possible disasters are groundless. On the Scottish situation the stance of the SNP has me completely baffled.

They don’t want to be dictated to by England but seek to swap their perceived serfdom from London to Brussels. If and when it comes to the crunch I cannot believe that sensible and canny Scots will not see the folly of such a move and will vote to stay within the UK.

We were also described in one writer’s apocalyptic vision of the future as “Little England”. Little England!?! We are the fifth largest economy in the world, for goodness sake! To these people I say “have some pride and belief in your country and let’s get away from jumped-up Juncker and his arrogant crew of know-alls”. We are already seeing numerous leading lights in the world of commerce backtracking on their previous words of woe and the scene is shifting in a positive sense each day.

No doubt we are still in for a bumpy ride in the coming weeks and months but I (and 17 million others) are confident that with patience and trust in our country’s well-proven capabilities we shall flourish in the wider world when the European shackles are finally removed.

Geoff Oliver

Castle Hill Glade