Letter: Rail fares

With our famous heritage of railway history it is sad to say 'We have come off the rails'.

Friday, 19th January 2018, 12:30 pm
Commuters wait to board the train to Leeds at Harrogate Train Station.

Let’s not reflect on the loss of ownership of over 70 per cent along with the utilities, at the same time – to avoid a recession. Now the UK public face ‘another’ rise in fares – even after massive government subsidies (eg) £4.8m, 2015-16. This affects ‘all’ tax payers – even if they do not use the trains. Meanwhile (foreign) share holders have creamed off £3.5b in the past ten years. In 2012 alone the Netherlands took £3m (from Greater Anglia). There is no first class service – and customers are ‘standing’ for it in packed carriages. This issue does not concern the EU, so let’s Brexit from European ownership – now!

Alan Barker