Letter: Programmers in London - take note!

Another Mother's Son.
Another Mother's Son.

Further to the letter from your correspondent last week, we too searched in vain in the listings of the Harrogate Odeon and Everyman cinemas for the Another Mother’s Son film which had received such good reviews.

We eventually discovered that it was showing at the cinema in Wetherby.

We try to support this cinema anyway as the prices are lower (for seats and ice creams) than the cinemas in Harrogate, the seats are comfortable and we enjoy the 1950s ambience (which we are pleased to see that the new owners intend to preserve).

The film was excellent and I am sure would have been enjoyed by many more people if it had been shown at the Harrogate Odeon and/or Everyman. Programmers in London please take note!

Penny Hughes