Letter: Potholes - Sick to the back teeth...

I am sick to the back teeth of complaining about potholes in the Almsford area.

Thursday, 17th March 2016, 12:00 pm
Reader David Etchells is calling on the council to fix potholes
Reader David Etchells is calling on the council to fix potholes

I brought it up to the MP, and to local councillors some two years ago, and was given all sorts of reassurances that the subject of the (then) cavernous sinkholes in the roads in my local area would be taken care of, and then that they were not big enough to be repaired.

Well my points at the time have now borne fruit, as the underlying road structure is decaying, and every time that a car passes over the aforementioned rift valleys, the road suffers a little more.

As I pointed out at the time, people (and I really mean taxpayers and voters - strange people with ultimate sanction) will be seriously injured by breaking their legs and twisting ankles.

Also, a good amount of council tax payers’ money will be lost as damage claims have to be settled. This money should have been spent on better things

Why is it that the council continues to disregard my questions on this issue. I will ask yet again - when are the potholes going to be filled in?

Many of these are about three inches deep.

But then I suppose we are not due to have another dignitary visit or the Tour d’Almsford any time soon.

Did the planners think that we’d be fooled by the ring of quickly disappearing white paint around some of them.

I wonder if it is because the planners live in Northallerton - which might as well be the North Pole.

Anyway, I look forward to hearing how my council tax is being used in the betterment of the roads - especially as we are being expected to cough up more for the recycling efforts which should have been in place long ago.

David Etchells