Letter: Post office closure - A serious mistake for Pateley Bridge

Pateley Bridge. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1410274AM)
Pateley Bridge. Picture : Adrian Murray.(1410274AM)

I write to express my concerns about the proposed closure of Pateley Post Office, moving the business to Bridgehouse Gate. It seems wrong on so many counts.

How can an award winning High Street exist without a Post Office? The service provides a hub which draws people from all walks of life into the centre of the High Street, using other shops and services whilst they are there.

How can the large number of elderly and less mobile residents access a vital service when it is moved beyond their walking distance?

What happens to all the extra traffic which will be generated, causing congestion trying to park in Bridgehouse Gate? . I hope a petition will be raised to measure public opinion as I consider moving the Post Office would be a serious mistake for Pateley and its population.

Lucy Tiffany