Letter: Pedestrian crossing - More traffic lights than trees

Coun Don Mackenzie states that changes are being carried out to the Station Parade crossing complex 'to reduce pedestrian confusion, not as a result of the junction being unsafe' (Advertiser, November 10).

Friday, 18th November 2016, 10:30 am
Traffic Lights. Picture: Andrew Roe

Confusion has reigned ever since the lights were installed and the councillor’s verbal convolutions cannot alter the fact that the fault lies in poor design, rendering the crossing unsafe.

The £100k complex appears to be yet another costly example of feeding numbers into a Northallerton computer and then slavishly following its conclusions.

So far, we’ve been expected to stand, like pies waiting for gravy, while nothing happens.

Is it any wonder that many, including me, use our own judgement?

Will the latest tweaks make any difference? We shall see.

Meantime, we must acknowledge that Station Parade has ensured significant progress with NYCC’s target of making sure that Harrogate has more traffic lights than trees.

Malcolm Wright