Letter: Parking - Charges would destroy tourism

Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

In response to Coun Don MacKenzie’s statement, which was supported by Coun Richard Cooper (Harrogate Advertiser, June 2), I quote: “That petitions tended to attract a huge number of signatories who have not thought about the subject.”

This is insulting Harrogate residents’ intelligence and their concern regarding important local issues.

People have seriously considered and are fully aware of the results that parking charges after 6pm and on Sundays will have.

It would destroy the tourist industry and devastate most smaller traders.

Saturday and Sunday trading are completely different issues and situations that cannot be compared as suggested by Coun Cooper.

Many residents of a variety of age groups and interests would be unable to attend a large number of activities, clubs, groups and church events if a parking charge was levied.

All of these issues were raised at the public meeting at the Cedar Court hotel, when voting was unanimous against both parking proposals.

Also NYCC agreed to collaborate with HBC to discuss both off and on-street parking. Where is the report of this consultation?

As stated by residents at the public meeting regarding NYCC’s ‘cock-up’ of Leeds Road traffic: “Your actions are accountable to tax payers.”

I suggest that the Harrogate Advertiser prints a petition form for residents to complete, who are unable to use the online facility.

These council officials, are once again, disregarding, with arrogance, the opinions of residents.

Should residents be asking for a vote of no confidence?

J Godbold

Russell Street,