Letter: Parking charges - Remember this next May

Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)
Parking ticket machine. (1306044AM1)

It was with incredulity that I learned from the front page of last week’s Advertiser that our Conservative County Council, not content with totally ignoring a survey which showed 93 per cent of respondents to be against Sunday parking charges, now proposed to increase on street charges by upwards of 25 per cent.

Coun Mackenzie, the elected member responsible for highways, is quoted as saying: “There has to be an incentive to use Harrogate Borough Council’s car parks because at the moment it is the same price to park on-street as it is off-street.”

Well, shock horror, what an appalling situation.

Did it not occur to Coun Mackenzie that there was an alternative solution to correct this affront to the natural order and that would be to reduce the prices in Harrogate’s off-street car parks?

Of course, Coun Mackenzie is not only a member of North Yorkshire County Council but also a member of the ruling Conservative group on Harrogate Borough Council, a group that has been singularly silent in protecting the interests of their residents in this respect.

It seems to me that Coun Mackenzie may have a conflict of interest on this issue .

There is one redeeming feature to this announcement – it seems that the county council are not going to consult the public on this issue. At least they won’t be spending our money on a public consultation exercise just to ignore the result.

If all this makes readers despair, then just remember that Coun Mackenzie and his “tax the motorist” enthusiastic friends are up for election next May.

I would suggest that however readers vote, that they think very hard about just how the current bunch have represented their interests.

Geoff Webber

Burnside Drive, Harrogate