Letter: Let borough council take charge on roads

The A59 at Kex Gill
The A59 at Kex Gill

The A59 is closed once again and despite a NYCC survey nothing has been reported back to us on the matter of diverting the road.

For someone like myself who uses this road to visit my family it is obvious what the problem is. HGVs have increased threefold from my observations.

When the road is closed they use Grassington as a by-pass as indeed I do and I dread meeting them on the narrowest parts of that B road. I have a car that is not yet five years old - it is one of the newest I have ever owned. I only do average mileage but have had to have both front shock absorbers replaced this year. I have owned much older cars in the past and have never had this kind of repair done.

My repairer told me that this was common now. He was even so bold as to say that the contractors who repair the roads should be ashamed of themselves. So should NYCC for not overseeing the work.

I live on the Jennyfield estate and we have had notices up for well over three weeks about resurfacing. The start date keeps changing despite fantastic seasonal weather but guess what, if it is fine the date gets changed to one when rain is expected.

Call me cynical if you like but I regard NYCC so out of touch I would not be surprised if a contractor put in an invoice for work not done and they would never know.

I tried to inform NYCC of potholes on the B6451.

I had to jump through hoops to do this and ended up trying to indicate an area where others had already identified them.

On Thursday I noticed about three out of about fifty had been filled in.

Presumably these were the ones deep enough.

It made no difference to hitting that area in the dark. How inefficient is it to send a contractor to an outlying area just to fill in a few holes that will be washed away with the next rain.

But for comparison’s sake I will say that the B6161 is much better.

I challenge NYCC to return the responsibility of our roads to Harrogate Borough Council who always managed to do a fantastic job in the past. I will not accept that this is government policy because we elect local councillors and we expect them to fight government decisions based on practicality and logic otherwise we might as well not be paying them.

Margaret Cyster