Letter: Kex gill - Big inconvenience to a vital link

So road works at Kex Gill are again set to disrupt traffic along the A59 and Councillor Don Mackenzie apologises 'for any inconvenience'. That is a wholly misleading apology. He should be apologising 'for again causing great inconvenience' to the many users of this vital link.

Sunday, 22nd January 2017, 10:30 am

To the apology he should his add regret that when the nearly two months’ work was done last year, the highways department did not do enough exploratory work to fully establish the cause of the cracking. Had that been done then when the road was closed, there would have been no need for further investigations this year.

The county council want to realign the road. That has been an aim for some years.

It would be interesting to know roughly what the budget for that work would be, the timescale for the commencement of the work, how much money has been put aside so far for the work and whether the council have any hope of obtaining funding from central Government (bearing in mind the hope for a by-pass for Harrogate and the financial strain the Government is under at the present time).

John Laird