Letter: Join us to discuss the future of Harlow

Harlow Hill Community Centre ' The Green Hut'. (13080134AM3)
Harlow Hill Community Centre ' The Green Hut'. (13080134AM3)

The Harlow and Pannal Ash Residents Association (HAPARA), covering most of Rossett ward, is inviting past and present members, and all other interested members of our local community to a meeting on September 22 at 7pm at the Green Hut community centre on Harlow Avenue.

Its purpose will be to discuss the future of the association in the context of the flood of major issues confronting our community.

There’s a rash of ill-considered housing proposals to the west of Harrogate. Our roads are in a terrible condition. The borough council are struggling to create a more intelligent plan than the one rejected a year ago by the planning inspector. Even the Green Hut itself faces problems.

All these matters, and many others, need community engagement and action. Without the framework that an association like HAPARA can provide, there will be no independent community voice for local government to take note of.

HAPARA has been running for 27 years thanks to generations of local volunteers. We have in the past even effected a change in national government policy to the wider benefit of communities throughout the country.

It would be a loss to our community for it to be wound up for lack of active support, so we would urge anyone with an interest in what’s going on locally to come to the meeting and see how they can help to keep it going.

Terry Byrne, Peter Staples and Murray Trantor